The Advantages of an Education in Chicago

Have you ever wanted to get a degree for business, but felt you didn’t have the time or money?

Chicago Booth School of Business offers an 21-month, part-time EMBA program offering executives to continue their business education and more confident and effective professionals. According to the Economic Times, Chicago Booth will be offering a loans of up to 100 percent (yes, that’s right, a free education). With many international students, this financial assistance is an attractive feature. Getting a loan to study abroad often is a major obstacle for potential business leaders, so this loan program is a major asset to Chicago Booth’s program.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Not only does Chicago Booth offer financial aid, but they focus on motivating their students. In a recent Daily News & Analysis India article, Dean Sunil Kumar, Professor of Operations and Management at the Chicago Booth School of Business discussed the current trends in business education.

“We help students create ventures to take on social challenges, hone their ideas and build a team as well as to gain access to mentoring and critical feedback,” said Kumar.

Dean Kumar is a top professional in the field, and is known for advocating on behalf of the use of technology in the curriculum and honing the talents of young students by discovering and tapping into their strongest skill set. This past August he was again appointed the Dean of the program for a second five-year-term, something he regards as a direct recognition of his enthusiastic leadership.

Kumar led the Chicago Booth school when it won a Nobel and a Clark award. Despite this, he is humble and wants the best for his students. “I’ve helped a lot of smart, driven students; it’s not so much what I did, but what I helped other people do,” he said.

The Chicago Booth School of Business offers a flexible curriculum, supportive faculty, and financial aid. Plus, attending business school in Chicago affords students with the chance to network with and contribute to the city’s recovering economy.